Clean Carpets Holbeach: Our Carpet Cleaning Process

The team at Clean Carpets Holbeach is serious about our carpet cleaning process. Unlike some other cleaners who are in and out after doing just a quick pass over your carpets and rugs, we use a thorough five-step approach.

Our process ensures your carpets are deeply and fully cleaned, for a long-lasting freshness — you’ll see the difference. Whether you’ve got precious antique rugs that you want maintained or simply want to freshen up your wall-to-wall, you can’t go wrong when you choose Clean Carpets Holbeach.

Step One: Dry Soil Extraction

Our first step is to ensure that your carpet is as free from dirt and particles as it can be. We vacuum the entire area to be cleaned, and then use a special compound that attaches itself to dirt and soil in between the carpet fibres, making them easier to remove. The compound sprinkled over the entire surface and gently worked in with a slow brushing action. After the compound has dried, the carpet is vacuumed again, gently lifting the compound — and all soil and grit attached to it — safely away from the delicate fibres of your carpet. In extreme cases, we will repeat this step again before moving on to the next stage.

Step Two: Eco Pre-Spray

The next stage in our carpet cleaning process is to treat stained, soiled or high traffic areas with an eco-friendly pre-spray. This spray is safe for use on any carpet, even in homes with small children or pets, and helps remove stubborn, deep-down dirt and stains.

Think you’ve got a stain that won’t come out? Our unique carpet cleaning process can handle nearly any stain. Our pre-spray allows us to treat wine, coffee, and tea stains, ground in dirt, blood, and even remove chewing gum and other sticky substances that are ruining your carpet. No stain is a match for Clean Carpets Holbeach.

Step Three: Aggregation

Once our eco-friendly pre-spray has had some time to do its work, it’s time for the next stage in our carpet cleaning process: aggregation. In this stage, we work the cleaning wand back and forth over your carpet. While other cleaners might only cover any given spot on your carpet once, we move over each section several times in a back and forth motion. This ensures that every fibre of your carpet or rug is cleaned from every angle, for a complete freshness and clean.

Step Four: Water Extract

Step four in our expert carpet cleaning process comes once all soil and particles have been released from the fibres of your carpet during the aggregation phase. Now we use hot water to extract debris — this will provide a thorough flushing of the carpet pile using a gentle, eco-friendly rinsing agent.

We maintain careful control over the pressure and heat of the water at this stage to ensure your carpet is not made too wet, nor is it damaged during the rinsing process. When this step is complete, your carpet is fully clean and free from dirt, grime, stains and particles that can damage the fibres and detract from its comfort and beauty.

Step Five: Dry

When all stages of cleaning are complete, we use high-powered air movers to gently dry your carpets without harming the fibres. This makes drying time less, so you can get back to using and enjoying your space. When the drying stage is complete, our experts perform a walk-through to inspect the results and ensure your carpet is looking its best.

At Clean Carpets Holbeach, we take pride in offering safe, thorough cleaning for carpets, rugs, sofas, chairs and car seats. Call us today to book a service or request a free quote.