Travertine stone floors are highly durable and add aesthetic beauty to your home.  It is a rare stone mineral that can be used for garden & patios tiles as well as indoor floorings. The tiles carved out of Travertine are usually porous in nature which means that this kind of stone isn’t fit for the too cold climate. Travertine is famous for indoor floorings mainly and many old houses have this kind of floorings. The material has recently gained popularity as a long lasting substitute over other materials. We provide affordable Travertine floor cleaning services to get rid of natural pocks that this kind of material develops with time.

Travertine is extremely hard and hence is difficult to repair, therefore our Travertine floor repair professionals can be contacted to take care of damaged travertine floors. You might not need the whole flooring to be replaced when you can get it renewed again!

In addition, we also provide comprehensible Travertine floor restoration services to get the lost charm of your flooring back which is a part of our Travertine floor cleaning services. We have specially trained professionals dedicated to performing a complete restoration of this kind of flooring. Contact us for Travertine flooring jobs. If you have a deteriorating Travertine floor, we use industrial methods to repair them to avoid trip & fall accidents caused by such uneven floors. Get a complete range of Travertine floor solutions for your home and forget old dull floors that bring a disgrace to your house’s interior.

We offer a free onsite inspection to discuss your floor cleaning requirements, we offer our services to both Commercial and domestic clients across Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, and Norfolk. Our services have been reviewed by many households and our positive client response has been our motivation towards constantly improving our services. Book one of our professionals for inspection to get rid of the unappealing floors. Get in touch today!