We provide a comprehensible fix for all your Tiled Floor Cleaning needs. At Clean Carpets, our expert team has years of professional experience in dealing with various tiled floorings. We deal with various classes of materials such as vinyl, slate etc which are widely used across United Kingdom.

The biggest problem with tiled floors is that there grout starts loosening up after a few years and the surface starts becoming uneven. This can happen due to geographical reasons as well. We use industrial methods to repair them to avoid trip & fall accidents caused by such uneven floors. Get a complete range of Tiled floor solutions for your home and forget old dull floors that bring a disgrace to your house’s interior. Also, if your tiled floors are developing a layer of dirt over them, our specialized cleaning methods can take care of that too.

We provide affordable Travertine Tiled floor cleaning services to get rid of natural pocks that this kind of material develops with time.

Our Terracotta Tiled Floor Cleaning professionals help you maintain its natural look and feel with safety precautions for glazed Terracotta.

Forget old and broken marble floor joints with our Marble Tiled Floor Sealing services that take care of your deteriorating floor joints with the best sealants in the industry.

We provide easy Vinyl Flooring Cleaning services to keep your beautiful floors glossy and fresh for visitors and guests.

We offer a free onsite inspection to discuss your floor cleaning requirements, we offer our services to both Commercial and domestic clients across Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk.

Our services have been reviewed by many households and our positive client response has been our motivation towards constantly improving our services. Book one of our professionals for inspection to get rid of the unappealing floors. Get in touch today!