Slate is yet another popular mineral used for house floors in many parts of UK and America due to its unique surface texture and high durability. Slate floorings usually come in the form of tiles available in various shades. It can be a costly choice in the beginning due to Slate Floor Cleaning difficulties but turns out to be a complete value for money with time. Some households have geometrically cut slate tiles that are becoming the major choice for office spaces and luxury condos.

Slate Floor Cleaning and maintenance doesn’t need much hard-work but should be done from time to time so that the stone doesn’t start cracking or chipping. If you too have slate tiles installed in your home, you would be well aware of the fact. It is usually advisable to get slate floors cleaned by professionals so that an inspection can also be carried out. Such an inspection makes you aware of possible cracks developing in the flooring which could later become the reason for the huge amount of flooring damage.

Our Slate Floor Restoration experts specialize in dealing with slate surface cleaning and slate floor repairing to take care of the little cracks, chips etc that start to appear after some time which causes the edges start to come out of the surface further causing uneven floorings. We use industrial methods to repair such floorings to avoid trip & fall accidents caused by such uneven floors. Our methods help you get the classic appeal of your slate floor back with pocket-friendly methods.

We offer a free onsite inspection to discuss your floor cleaning requirements, we offer our services to both Commercial and domestic clients across Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, and Norfolk. Our services have been reviewed by many households and our positive client response has been our motivation towards constantly improving our services. Get in touch today!