Karndean Floor Cleaning

Clean Carpets have invested in the best cleaning equipment to bring you the best cleaning and restoration services to your home and family.
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  • Karndean cleaning
  • Karndean stripping
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With Karndean floors, we offer a cleaning service, re sealing service and a clean, strip and re seal service.  We hold all our cleaning and restoration products in stock so no long waiting times for products to be ordered in.  We offer three types of sealer for Karndean flooring, Topical Matt, Topical Satin and Topical High shine.  All give a great protective finish for easy cleaning and maintenance.  These great products all come from our Tile Master system.

We can offer you a free demonstration service at a time to suit you, this way we can show you the results with can achieve without any financial outlay to yourself.  We would tape off a small area on your floor and we would clean inside of the taped area, this then showing how well we can clean your karndean floor.  We would be unable to show you a demo of the sealer but are able to show a sample of the finsihes.

The karndean floor cleaning is able to be completed in the one visit, if we are undertaking the cleaning and re sealing the floor will need to be left to dry and fully cure.  This can be dependent on the weather but can be discussed at the time of quotation.
If you would like to discuss your requirements give Adie a call on 07951 149335
The Process

We start the cleaning process of Karndean floors with a quick brush and vacuum,  we need to remove all the dirt and debris prior to the clean to avoid any scratching of the surface prior to cleaning. We then start with the tile master cleaning solution which is sprayed down onto the floor, after a long dwell time we then move in with our tile master machine and a soft scrub pad to assist the solution in its cleaning, some Karndeans have deep grooves to give a tile effect or wooden board effect so we use a grout brush to get the deep down soils from the grooves, we then use a extraction machine to rinse the floor using our special  wand, this wand allows us to suck up all the excess water,  once floor is dried it is inspected again for any soils left, if so we would clean this area again until we are happy with the finish.

We then use our dripod dryers to get the floor as dry as possible so the floor is ready for the sealer.

Once we have applied the sealer of choice we would advise you to leave the floor to fully cure prior to any use, if the floor is left to cure fully the floor will give you many more years or use trouble free.

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