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End Of Tenancy Clean

End Of Tenancy Clean  Carpet Cleaning Peterborough

Here we have a end of tenancy clean in Peterborough, we had undertaken this service on behalf of one of our commercial estate agents which we provide our services to.  There are a lot of estate agents and agencies that part of the rental contact is for the carpets to be professionally cleaned ready for the next moving tenants. End Of Tenancy Clean is a cleaning service you must be able to provide the vendor a receipt and confirmation the service has been undertaken to meet with the contact conditions agreed.

End Of Tenancy Clean will insure your carpets are left clean and fresh with that wonderful “Just Cleaned” smell. We work tirelessly to make sure your carpets are brought back to the best condition they possibly can be. Just reading our reviews ( (Facebook) and looking at the photos of some of our previous jobs will confirm this. Very quick drying times with aided air movers.

We use a five step process to guarantee the cleanest clean possible.

Step 1 Dry Soil Extraction

Our first step is to ensure that your carpet is as free from dirt and particles as it can be. We vacuum the entire area to be cleaned, and then use a special compound that attaches itself to dirt and soil in between the carpet fibres, making them easier to remove.

Step 2 Pre Spray

The next stage in our carpet cleaning process is to treat stained, soiled or high traffic areas with an eco-friendly pre-spray. This spray is safe for use on any carpet, even in homes with small children or pets, and helps remove stubborn, deep-down dirt and stains.

Step 3 Aggregation

It’s time for the next stage in our carpet cleaning process: aggregation. In this stage, we work the aggregation machine back and forth over your carpet easing the prepay deep in to the carpet fibres.

Step 4 Water Extract 

Step four in our expert carpet cleaning process comes once all soil and particles have been released from the fibres of your carpet during the aggregation phase. Now we use hot water to extract debris — this will provide a thorough flushing of the carpet pile using a gentle, eco-friendly rinsing agent.

Step 5 Dry

When all stages of cleaning are complete, we use high-powered air movers to gently dry your carpets without harming the fibres. This makes drying time less, so you can get back to using and enjoying your space.

Carpet Cleaners Holbeach – your local carpet cleaning specialist

Carpet Cleaners Holbeach is your local carpet cleaning specialist. As a team, we take immense pride in serving both commercial and residential clients in Holbeach, Spalding, Boston, King’s Lynn, Peterborough and other nearby areas. We know these areas like the back of our hand and specialize in offering tailored services to clients irrespective of the size and scale of the project. From special carpet cleaning to periodic services for both residential and commercial clients we have become the first choice carpet cleaning company in this entire region.


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5 Effective Tips to Find the Right Carpet Cleaning Company

Get to know about some tips that can help you find the Right Carpet Cleaning Company hassle free. One of the best ways to find a good carpet cleaning company is by asking your friends and family. Ask them whether or not they have worked with professional cleaners. If yes, ask them the names of those cleaners. You can also ask them which cleansers are good enough to meet your needs. Besides this, search online and find out some carpet cleaning companies. Visit their websites and Facebook pages to find information regarding them. Make sure to visit customer feedback pages and blog sections of the companies’ websites. Also, try to visit the representatives of these companies and ask everything in detail. This will help you decide whether the companies are apt for you or not. Make sure to acquire some knowledge regarding carpet cleaning techniques before contacting a company. Having some information beforehand will help you step in the right direction.


If you are planning to get your carpets cleaned by a professional, finding a good cleaner to do the task is something that surely must have worried you. There are many homeowners who do not think much and hire whichever company they find it easy to approach. It should be noted that finding the right carpet-cleaning professional is very important if you want standard results. 

Well, if you haven’t hired a professional cleaning company in the past, do not wail. Read the tips given below and find a good cleaner hassle-free:

  • Ask for Referrals from Family and Friends– One way to find good carpet cleaning agencies is to ask for referrals from your family members and friends. They will tell you the names of companies they have hired in the past. They will also give you the honest reviews regarding the services of those companies. Moreover, they will not recommend you the carpet cleaning agencies that do not deliver good results. Getting referrals this way will make you somewhat confident that the agencies they are suggesting you will be able to meet all your needs.
  • Search Online: Do some search online and make a list of companies you find in local online directories. Visit the websites of these companies, check their services and read customer reviews. Also make sure to read ‘about us’ section of the companies as it will help you find more about the companies, including their experiences. Do visit Facebook pages and blogs of these companies to get more information. It is recommended to contact CARPET CLEAN HOLBEACH. This carpet cleaning agencies offers high quality carpet cleaning Holbeach . That too at affordable prices!
  • Learn about carpet cleaning methods: Acquiring knowledge regarding carpet cleaning techniques and methods will make you aware of what is needed by your carpets. Although professional cleaners have the skill and knowledge to guide you in the right direction, it is always a good idea to have some knowledge beforehand.
  • Contact personally the Representatives of Companies – Try visiting the companies and talk with their representatives if you have any doubt or question. The representatives could be the employees of the companies but they will certainly give you valuable information which will in turn help you in making the hiring decision.
  • Contact at least three carpet cleaning agencies and shop around: There is no doubt that not only you want quality service, but also the best value for money. spare some time and contact at least three companies. If one company happens to be expensive, you can switch to the second one or even third. While talking to the companies’ representatives, ask as many questions as possible. Some questions you can ask them are: Which equipment they use; which cleaning methods and techniques they deal in; do they use harsh chemical products; whether or not they employ environmentally friendly products. Also ask questions related to their customer service. Remember to hire a company only after getting satisfactorily answers to all your questions!

It is advisable to visit This company is one of the best among the ones that offer carpet cleaning services in Holbeach.

Aide Kelly

Types of Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods

Get to know about various types of carpet cleaning methods and techniques used by different professional companies before you select one for your carpet. Discover the characteristics of carpet cleaning methods such as carpet shampooing, hot water extraction cleaning or steam carpet cleaning, foam carpet cleaning, bonnet cleaning technique and dry carpet cleaning. While carpet shampooing is the traditional method and is least used these days, foam carpet cleaning is highly employed as less drying time involved in it. Bonnet cleaning is mainly used by hotels and commercial buildings whereas hot water extraction cleaning is popular in households. Coming to dry carpet cleaning method, it is one of the most innovative cleaning methods. This cleaning method is safe for all types of carpets. Dry carpet cleaning is highly recommended to commercial buildings and offices that operate 24/7. You can learn about these carpet cleaning methods in depth from a good professional carpet cleaning company.

Carpet Cleaning Holbeach methods vary from carpet to carpet. Reason – every carpet is made differently and hence, requires its own special ways of cleaning. So, before selecting carpet cleaning services from a professional company, it is crucial for you to discover the different types of carpet cleaning methods they use.

Here are the major types of carpet cleaning methods available in the market today:

Carpet Shampooing: This is the traditional method of carpet cleaning, involving detergents and soaps. In the method, a soap or detergent solution is applied to the carpet. Once the carpet is washed, vacuuming is performed to extract the cleansers, leaving the carpet squeaky clean. The disadvantage of this method is that it leaves a large amount of wet foam residue on the carpet that take much time to dry. Another pitfall of the method is that carpet becomes sticky as it dries out due to the fact that no rinsing is performed after shampooing and re-soiling of the carpet

  • Hot Water Extraction Cleaning: Also known as steam carpet cleaning, this method utilizes hot water (high pressured) to dissolve dirt in the carpet fiber. This process generally involves the application of a cleaning agent on the soiled surface, agitation of the carpet fiber with brush and rinsing the carpet. Once the cleaning agent settles on the carpet fiber, the carpet is washed using a carpet cleaning device. This rinses the carpet throughout which is then left to dry at room temperature. There are many Carpet Cleaning Holbeach companies that use this efficient method for cleaning carpets of households.
  • Foam Carpet Cleaning: In foam carpet cleaning, synthetic detergents are used as a base that crystallizes into a powder form after drying. Once the cleaning foam dries, all the loosened dirt particles in the carpet fiber get encapsulated into the powder. After that, they are brushed or vacuumed using an apt tool or device. This encapsulation cleaning technique has many advantages over traditional methods. Some advantages are – the former makes use of less water and there is shorter drying time in it.
  • Bonnet Cleaning: This carpet cleaning methods produce excellent results. In this method, only the top part of the carpet fiber is cleaned, via a heavy duty motorized machine. This machine has a spinning pad, dipped in a cleaning solution to absorb all the dirt particles lying on the carpet surface. Bonnet cleaning is mainly utilized in hotels and commercial buildings as it’s a quick fix way to clean carpet in such heavy traffic loaded areas.
  • Dry carpet cleaning: Commonly known as compound carpet cleaning, this is one of the latest cleaning technologies available today. The reason behind its popularity is lies in its convenience, effective cleaning performance and less drying-out time.This carpet cleaning method is safe for all types of carpet and is highly recommended to commercial offices and buildings that operate 24/7.

If you are a homeowner who wants a professional carpet cleaning service, contact Carpet Cleaning Holbeach company ‘Clean Carpets Holbeach’. The agency will guide you regarding all cleaning methods and will also suggest the best one for your carpet!


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Looking for a local reliable Carpet or Upholstery Cleaning – Leather Cleaning

Looking for a local reliable Carpet or Upholstery Cleaning, Leather Cleaning
Adie Kelly From Clean Carpets Holbeach is your one stop shop for Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning in Holbeach, Peterborough, Boston, Wisbech, Kings Lynn and all surrounding areas. All our products are eco friendly perfect to you around your children and pets.
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