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How clean is your carpet? The answer, like it or not, is probably, not very clean. You’d likely be surprised to learn how much is hiding in the fibres of your carpets – dirt, dead skin cells, even nasty germs and bacteria. Most people are very careful to sweep and mop their floors, but tend to assume that if the carpet looks clean, it is. If having a safe and sanitary home or workplace is important to you, you need the cleaning experts at Carpet Cleaning Wisbech.

Why Do I Need Cleaning Experts?

Anyone with a hoover can most likely make a carpet look clean. But our cleaning experts go deeper to make sure that your carpet doesn’t just look clean — it feels, smells and is clean. The thorough cleaning the team at Carpet Cleaning Wisbech offers has a number of health benefits you should care about:

  • Get rid of germs: Bacteria finds a perfect home deep in the fibres of your carpet. Over time, dirt, debris, hair and skin cells can build up unseen in your carpet, making a perfect home for germs to live and thrive. Our carpet cleaning experts use treatments that remove dirt and oils and kill nasty bacteria.
  • Reduce allergens: The very thing you love about your carpet — the plush softness of the fibres under your feet — is also trapping dust, dander and other allergens in your space that can lessen your quality of life. Our cleaning experts can reduce allergens trapped in your rugs and carpets to allow you to breathe more easily.
  • Clean your air: What’s trapped in your carpet doesn’t just stay in your carpet. All the particles that build up over time in your rugs and carpets are slowing adding to the air pollution in your home. Poor air quality is often the cause of breathing issues and other serious health problems. Protect yourself and your family with the help of Carpet Cleaning Wisbech.

When Should I Call?

At Carpet Cleaning Wisbech, we’ve found that there are two main reasons that people call carpet cleaning experts. The first, and more common, is to deal with spills, stains and carpets that are looking dingy or dirty. If your carpet is visibly dirty, we suggest calling our cleaning experts as soon as you notice the issue. The sooner we can clean your carpet to remove spots, stains, dirt, oils and grit, the less time those particles will have to cause damage to the fibres.

If your carpet looks clean, but you’re concerned about the issues we’ve described above — or just want to protect your carpet and keeping it looking and feeling like new — our carpet cleaning experts recommend a once a year clean. Booking an annual cleaning is a cost effective way to protect your carpet and ensure your home or office stays fresh and sanitary for years to come.

Make Carpet Cleaning Wisbech Your First Choice

Don’t trust just any old team with your health and your carpets and rugs. At Carpet Cleaning Wisbech, we are your local carpet cleaning experts. We work with residential and business clients just like you to help you, your friends and your neighbours keep their carpets clean and their spaces fresh and comfortable. Our team is fully trained and highly skilled and will arrive to clean your carpets with all the tools and products needed to make your carpet look and feel as good as new.

No job is too big or too small for our carpet cleaning experts. Whether you need help breathing new life into the carpets in your home or just need a small stain removed from a precious rug, we’re here to help. If you’d like to book a service or learn more about what we do, give us a call today. If you’d like a free quote, you can use our handy online contact form. Get in touch with us today – you’ll be glad you did.