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You might be surprised to learn that your carpet — whether it’s in your home or workplace — is a lot less clean than you think. Even if you’re careful to avoid spills and stains, and hoover often to keep your carpet looking good, there is a hidden world between the fibres of your carpets. Dirt, grime, skin cells and bacteria are all building up there — but the carpet cleaning experts at Carpet Cleaning Whaplode are here to help.

Why You Need Carpet Cleaning Experts

It’s easy to assume that a carpet that looks clean, is clean. You may feel sure that you don’t need cleaning experts to protect your carpet against dirt, spills or stains. But at Carpet Cleaning Whaplode, we do more than make your carpet look clean. Our deep cleaning treatments offer a number of health benefits, like:

  • Killing germs: Deep between the fibres of your carpet is a world that makes a perfect home for germs and bacteria. The tiny bits of dirt, hair and dead skin flakes that build up there over time provide an ample source of food, which allows germs to flourish and thrive. Hoovering won’t kill germs in your carpet, but our cleaning expert can.
  • Reducing allergens: The soft plush carpet that feels so good under your feet is also what’s keeping dust, dander and other allergens in your home or workplace. The fibres of rugs and carpets can trap allergens that will reduce your quality of life. At Carpet Cleaning Whaplode, our treatments will reduce allergens and let you breathe easy.
  • Cutting air pollution: It might not bother you to think that there is a world of dust and dirt at your feet — but that’s not the only place it is. Each time your carpet is disturbed by someone walking, running or even cleaning it, it releases thousands of tiny specks of dust and dirt into the air you breathe. Protect yourself from serious health issues with help from our cleaning experts.

When You Should Call

Now that you’re convinced that you need the services of a cleaning expert, how do you know when to call? At Carpet Cleaning Whaplode, most of our clients fall into one of two groups.

The first reason people call us is because their rugs or carpet look bad. This includes spills, stains or built up dirt in high traffic zones. In these cases, it is crucial to book a deep cleaning right away. The dirt particles that are making your carpet look bad are also causing damage deep within the fibres of your carpet. The sooner our team can get in to remove those particles, the less chance of damage to your carpet. And that means a beautiful carpet that lasts longer for you!

The second reason our clients call us is for routine cleanings — either to deal with some or all of the health issues we’ve already covered, or just to prolong the life of their carpets. In these cases, our cleaning experts recommend booking a thorough deep cleaning once per year. This is an affordable way to lengthen the life of your carpet while ensuring your home or workplace is fresh, clean and healthy!

Choose Carpet Cleaning Whaplode Today

Whether you need a small spot removed from a pristine rug or help to freshen up your entire carpet, the team at Carpet Cleaning Whaplode is at your service. No job is too big or too small for our cleaning experts, so don’t put off booking your carpet cleaning. Our team is happy to serve at your home or place of business, and uses the best products, tools and techniques to provide you with a clean that is second to none.

See why we are the number one choice for carpet cleaning in and around Whaplode. Once you’ve tried our carpet cleaning service, we’re sure you’ll call us back year after year. If you’d like to learn more about how our cleaning experts can help you, give us a call today. To request a free quote on your cleaning task, use our handy online contact form now. You’ll be glad you did.