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Do you know just how much dirt and filth is built up deep in your carpet? Most people assume that, if they can’t see dirt on their rugs or carpets, it’s not there. Sadly, this is not the case. Over time, even the cleanest-looking carpets acquire a layer of dirt, germs, hair and dead skin deep within their fibres. Sound gross? Don’t worry — the carpet cleaning experts at Carpet Cleaning Boston have the answers you need.

Why Do I Need Cleaning Experts?

If your carpet looks great, it’s easy to believe there is no problem. But the truth is, letting your carpets and rugs go uncleaned can lead to major problems. At Carpet Cleaning Boston, we can make your carpets look great, lengthen their life, and also help you protect yourself against some serious health issues.

  • We kill germs. Your carpet is a breeding ground for all kinds of tiny mites, bugs, germs and bacteria that hoovering alone can’t get rid of. They live deep within the fibres of your carpet and feed off your own hair and dead skin. Our cleaning experts not only remove the dirt germs live off of, but our treatments also kill bacteria hiding in your rugs and carpet.
  • We reduce allergens. If you or someone you care about suffers from allergies, you know what torture pollen season can be. But an uncleaned carpet can trap and harbour all manner of dust, dander, pollen and other allergens within its plush fibres. At Carpet Cleaning Boston, we make sure you can breathe easy.
  • We clean your air. Maybe you’re not bothered about dirt beneath your feet — after all, it’s not like you eat off your carpet, right? But the particles in your carpet don’t stay there. Each time you disturb the fibres — even to hoover — you release particles into the air that can lower the air quality in your space.

When Should I Book a Cleaning?

There are two main types of cleaning our clients call us for — urgent and routine. But how do you know how often to book? Or if your job is big enough for us to come out? No problem. Call Carpet Cleaning Boston when:

  • Your carpet or rug looks dirty. Spilled something on a new rug? Noticing grimey spots in high traffic areas? Dealing with dirty looking carpets and rugs is what we do. No job is too big or too small for our carpet cleaning experts. In fact, we suggest calling right away for even the smallest job. Prompt cleaning lessens the chance that dirt particles can cause damage to your carpet’s fibres.
  • You’re concerned about how clean your carpet is beneath the surface. If you’re worried about any of the health issues we mentioned above, or just want to ensure your carpet stays clean and fresh, book a visit from our cleaning experts for a routine clean. We suggest that deep cleaning once a year offers the best value and benefits for both you and your carpet.

Call Carpet Cleaning Boston Now

You don’t have to live with less than perfect looking rugs or carpets, and you don’t have to start shopping for new when they no longer look their best. At Carpet Cleaning Boston, we can remove spots and stains, freshen your space and bring new life to dirty, tired, aging carpets. Our team of cleaning experts will come to your home or workplace with all the tools and products needed to ensure your carpet is cleaner than ever before!

See for yourself why so many clients in and around Boston make Carpet Cleaning Boston their number one choice for carpet cleaning and care. If you’d like to learn more about our service or book a visit from our team, give us a call now. To request a free quote, simply fill in our handy online contact form. Your carpet will thank you.