About the Clean Carpets Holbeach Carpet Cleaning Experts  

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About the Clean Carpets Holbeach Carpet Cleaning Experts

Adie Kelly

Adie Kelly

Welcome to Clean Carpets Holbeach. Based in Holbeach, we are pleased to serve our clients in and around the Holbeach region, including Spalding, Boston, King’s Lynn, Peterborough and other nearby towns. We take great pride in being the local carpet cleaning experts — we are the first name in carpet cleaning, and many of our clients won’t trust any other team with their carpets.

Local Carpet Cleaning Experts You Can Trust

Unlike big national cleaners, Clean Carpets Holbeach was started by a husband and wife team with a passion for cleaning and giving great service. We’re based right here where you live and work, so you never have to worry about dealing with some head office on the other side of the country. We stand behind our work. You can always count on us for:

  • Great value: We work hard to keep our prices fair — fresh, clean carpets should be something everyone can afford, and shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.
  • Eco-friendly cleans: All of our products and techniques are tested to ensure the least impact on our Earth. We limit water wastage and only use cleaning products that are safe while they’re being stored, transported, used and disposed of.
  • The best results: There’s a reason we’re the number one carpet cleaning experts in and around Holbeach. We strive to leave your carpets, rugs, sofas, chairs and upholstery looking, feeling and smelling as good as new.

At Clean Carpets Holbeach, we encourage you to support us as your local carpet cleaning experts, but we also practice what we preach! Our company gives back to the community as often as we can, working to partner with and support local clubs, businesses and agencies to make Holbeach a place we’re all proud to live and work.

Carpet Cleaning Where You Need it Most

You can count on the Clean Carpets Holbeach team for more than just a refresh for your living room carpet. We offer safe, affordable, quality cleaning treatments for a whole range of carpet and upholstery products. Make our carpet cleaning experts your first choice for:

  • Carpets and rugs: Whether in your home or place of work, you shouldn’t have to live with dingy, dirty, stained carpets — we’ll clean carpets and rugs anywhere you need.
  • Holiday homes: Keep your cottage fresh and clean for yourself, or for renters. Carpet cleaning is a great way to ensure your holiday home stays in great shape all year round.
  • Caravans and motorhomes: Living in a confined space doesn’t have to be any less pleasant than being at home. Our cleaning service can remove stubborn stains and unwanted odours.
  • Car seats and upholstery: Selling your car? Making sure it’s pristine? No matter what your plans are for your car, we offer quality cleans to ensure it always has that new car smell.
  • End of tenancy cleans: We offer complete cleans for tenants on their way out or landlords getting ready for their next renters. No one does a more thorough clean than the carpet cleaning experts at Clean Carpets Holbeach.

See For Yourself How Clean Really Feels

We know that the only way for you to really know how great freshly cleaned carpets, rugs or upholstery look, feel and smell is to experience it for yourself. So rather than take our word for it, why not try our cleaning service out for yourself. Our team is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and no job is too big or too small — call us for any task from the smallest stain to major cleanups. Get in touch with us at Clean Carpets Holbeach now to book your cleaning or request a free quote.


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